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Blackberry Caipirinha

We are in the mood for something exotic and super fresh so, how about a magnificent and bullet proof Caipirinha? If you are a fan of the classic, you will for sure enjoy this fruity version with the addition of… Continue Reading →

Become a home bartender

There is no secret that Italians know a thing or two about exceptional food and drinks, and if you have ever visited this lively country, there is a good chance you submerged yourself into the tradition of Aperitivo. The word… Continue Reading →

Breaking the boundaries. Get out of my kitchen/bar!

There are a couple of reasons why I wanted to investigate the similarities and the differences between bartenders and chefs. Firstly, I have always found the kitchen a huge source of inspiration – the recipes, techniques, creativity and tradition have… Continue Reading →

The Wizard

Ingredients 150ml Blue Tea 15ml Eucalyptus Syrup 15ml Supasawa Method Add the blue tea and eucalyptus syrup to the glass Fill the glass with crushed ice Slowly add the Supasawa to the glass – you will notice colour change in… Continue Reading →

Creative and Delicious Cocktail Garnish

There is no secret that a lot of our inspiration for cocktail garnishes come from the kitchen, desserts in particular. We have been playing around with the idea of using meringues as decoration for our tipples for some time now… Continue Reading →

The Nocturne

Have you tried Rhum Agricole? This spirit from the French West Indies is similair to traditional Rum, but instead of molasses, it’s made from fresh sugar cane juice. That gives it a grassy and vegetal flavour profile that works brilliantly… Continue Reading →

The Ninefold Club

Got our hands on this incredibly smooth and tasty Scottish Rum by Ninefold Distillery. Its natural sweetness combined with citrus and fruity notes works wonders in a Clover Club style serve. Ingredients 40ml Ninefold Pure Single Rum 15ml Noilly Prat… Continue Reading →

Sapling Spritz

Very excited to cross paths with Sapling Spirits and their amazing vodka! Focusing on sustainability, produced in London and made with 100% British wheat that gives it a distinct sweetness.¬†Oh and they plant a tree for every bottle they sell… Continue Reading →


If you are in the mood for something strong and bulletproof. Why not enjoy this incredible Boulevardier Ingredients 40ml Bullet Whiskey 25ml Campari 25ml Sweet Vermouth (we used Belsazar Red Vermouth)   Method Stir all the ingredients over ice Pour… Continue Reading →

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