We have known the guys at @nixandkix since pretty much the time we started our business. It is also no secret that we are big fans of their unique products and delighted to see their great success story over all these years. Check out these 3 wonderful cocktails that we created with their delicious range. Let us know your thoughts and do share which flavour combination is your favourite?

Also, if you would like to see the full masterclass and hear more information about each cocktail and about the NIX&KIX brand, check out a video below or head to our instagram IGTV channel.

Blood Orange Fizz
50ml Aperol,
Top up with equal parts of Prosecco and NIX&KIX Blood Orange and Turmeric
Lightly stirred in a large wine glass with plenty of ice
Garnished with a grapefruit Slice
Kix Cup 
15ml Gin
40ml Pimms
Top up(150ml) with Cucumber and Mint NIX&KIX
Fill up a glass of your choice with mint, orange, lemon slices and ice
Garnish with cucumber ribbon
Bloom Again
30ml Vodka
25ml Red Vermouth
20ml Fresh Lemon Juice
15ml Honey
Top up with Watermelon and Hibiscus NIX&KIX
Shake all ingredients except for the NIX&KIX, strain into a highball glass full of ice, garnish with a red chilli