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Become a home bartender

There is no secret that Italians know a thing or two about exceptional food and drinks, and if you have ever visited this lively country, there is a good chance you submerged yourself into the tradition of Aperitivo. The word… Continue Reading →

Shake&Stir Cocktail Masterclass with NIX&KIX

We have known the guys at @nixandkix since pretty much the time we started our business. It is also no secret that we are big fans of their unique products and delighted to see their great success story over all these years…. Continue Reading →

Breaking the boundaries. Get out of my kitchen/bar!

There are a couple of reasons why I wanted to investigate the similarities and the differences between bartenders and chefs. Firstly, I have always found the kitchen a huge source of inspiration – the recipes, techniques, creativity and tradition have… Continue Reading →

Creative and Delicious Cocktail Garnish

There is no secret that a lot of our inspiration for cocktail garnishes come from the kitchen, desserts in particular. We have been playing around with the idea of using meringues as decoration for our tipples for some time now… Continue Reading →

Bring a cocktail bar to your home

As the weather is getting warmer and the fun and exciting outings with your family, friends and loved ones may seem rather far away, we thought of sharing with you some very delicious and most importantly easy to make cocktails… Continue Reading →

Scared of Cocktails? Become a Home Mixologist!

In most people’s minds cocktails represent delicious and mysterious concoctions which need to be prepared by expert mixologists behind gorgeous looking bars. This can easily scare away someone with no experience form picking up a few bottles and try mixing… Continue Reading →

LOW abv cocktails. Trend or a myth?

For most of us, cocktail lovers, classic drinks such as the Martini or Old Fashioned will always hold a special place in our hearts. Could it be that drinking them ‘takes us’ to an era or a place where we… Continue Reading →

London Cocktail Week 2019 – my experience

If you are a cocktail lover, drinks enthusiast or a home-bartender you probably have no difficulties figuring out what the letters LCW stand for. Organised since 2010 by DrinkUp, London Cocktail Week is a truly remarkable event where you can indulge… Continue Reading →

Top tips to improve your food and drink pictures for instagram

First of all, let’s start with the word INSTAGRAMMABLE and what it actually means. According to the urban dictionary the term is used to describe a picture that is worth posting/sharing on instagram. However, it raises a question: how do you measure ‘Worth’? There… Continue Reading →

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